We put water on the agenda in Singapore

This week, Singapore is the center of water technology. The fact is that the South East Asian island state is hosting the annual water conference, Singapore International Water Week. Here, important, global players in politics and trade discuss the world’s water challenges and some of the innovative solutions to solve them.

Among the participants is Grundfos, who not only displays parts of their extensive range of solutions but takes it one step further. The company signs a cooperation agreement with PUB, Singapore’s national agency for water, in which they commit to join forces in the search for future solutions.

“Grundfos wants to be a leader in the development of technologies that can make the lives better for both present and coming generations. The agreement with PUB gives us a great platform to work from in order to support and develop green growth”, says Poul Due Jensen, Regional Managing Director for Grundfos in Asia-Pacific.

Together with other representatives from Grundfos, he presents some of the products which can already make a difference now. Under the banner ‘Optimised Water Solutions’ the conference participants can get acquainted with for instance Demand Driven Distribution, a solution which can reduce water waste caused by leakages in the water main, with Grundfos’ solutions to water treatment using dosing and getting a glimpse of the company’s newest systems for protecting coastal communities against floods.

At Singapore International Water Week, a cooperation agreement is also signed between Denmark and Singapore, where the two nations commit to support the development of sustainable solutions to the world’s water challenges.


  • Singapore International Water Week is a global conference, which aims at sharing, developing and creating breeding grounds for innovative water solutions.

  • The conference is part of the Singaporean government’s strategic gamble on developing water industry and water technology.