We share Danish water knowledge with the US

Sustainable handling of water and wastewater were in focus,
as the US based waterassociation, the Water Environment Federation, held an
international conference in Aarhus, Denmark. Here, they got a closer look at how
water can accelerate green growth, and how strong partnerships can strengthen
the development further.The participants at the conference counted, besides members of the Water Environment Federation, also a number of international participants from e.g. research and business circles.
Grundfos also participated, represented by amongst others Kenth Hvid Nielsen,
Group Vice President in Water Utility.

“There is an increasing need for intelligent solutions in both the drinking water and
wastewater areas in the US. Therefore, it is naturally exiting for us to attend
a conference such as this one, where we not only can introduce what we can do,
but also get an even better impression of the needs that exists on the other
side of the Atlantic,” he says.

Kenth Hvid Nielsen participated in a panel debate where he, together with amongst others the Danish consul in Chicago, Jakob Andersen, highlighted the importance of public-private partnerships in the efforts towards finding the best solutions to the water challenges.

Besides presentations from international experts and the panel debates, participants at the conference also had the opportunity to take a closer look at the water and wastewater solutions used in Aarhus, for example by visiting an advanced sewage treatment plant in Marselisborg.

The Water Environment Federation counts, amongst others, representatives from companies such as Coca Cola and cities like San Francisco, and is also known for a big annual water conference, WEFTEC. Here, the spotlight is turned towards water and water quality, and the conference is the largest of its kind in North America.