With GO CAPS Grundfos gets closer to its customers

Now, access to a PC is no longer needed when looking for information about Grundfos products. As from today, the new GO CAPS app is available for download in the Apple App Store. This will make the working day easier for sales representatives, service staff and customers who need product information while on the road.

- With GO CAPS, we have designed a mobile platform, which allows us to offer our professional users easy and speedy access to the large amount of product data in WebCAPS. Now, it is as easy to retrieve product information as to reach for your smartphone in your pocket. This means that we will get closer to our customers, and that is part of our business strategy, says Group Senior Vice President Henning Sandager.

Unique platform

GO CAPS will be available in 11 different languages, and more languages will be added continually. The final version will contain approximately 25 languages. Initially, it will only be possible to download GO CAPS to newer Apple products. The app draws on large amounts of basic data from WebCAPS, and you therefore have to be online to use GO CAPS. Within a few months, the wireless interface GO REMOTE will be launched in the App Store, and by the end of the year, it will be fused with GO CAPS to form Grundfos GO.

- With Grundfos GO we will, over a period of time, try to gather everything that has to do with our products, which will give us a great competitive advantage. Thus, we will be able to offer our customers a unique platform, and, using a smartphone or tablet, they will be able to do everything from controlling a pump to dimensioning or replacing a pump, says Henning Sandager. He continues:

- Grundfos GO is the first step on the road – in future, our focus on mobile solutions will be even greater, as we must be where our customers are.

High quality and functionality

With a few clicks, for example, it is possible to dimension a pump, find a replacement for an old pump and search for a particular product. According to Functional Manager Martin Pedersen, who is responsible for technical marketing, speedy and easy access has been pivotal for the development of GO CAPS.

- The development has been based on customer requirements and needs. During the development period, the concept was tested by customers, Grundfos sales representatives and service staff. The result is a professional tool that focuses on functionality, he says.

He emphasises that GO CAPS should not be considered a replacement for WebCAPS, but rather a strong supplement.

Watch a video about GO CAPS here.

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