Workshop 50 years Grundfos SP

the Region West is also active in organising some activities related to this campaign. One from several events implemented is a one-day workshop dedicated to professional drillers in Jabodetabek area, titled "Workshop 50 years Grundfos SP".

The agreed day was April 27, preparation is done almost a month before the event date. Charis Murwadi as a manager for the west region in marathon conducted several meeting with supported departments, such as: Water Utility (WU), Service, and Marketing to ensure nothing overlooked. This event was also fully supported by all authorized dealers within Greater Jakarta area, where Water Utility is their focus segment, they are; PT. Andalan Inti Rekatama, PT. Citra Inti Bersama, PT. Toyasae, PT. Mitra Inti Bangun Nusa, PT. Puri Teknik, and PT. Friends of Waskita Teknik.

The workshop divided into two sessions; the first session was in the classroom, listening to any information related with the SP pump, application, and trouble shooting. This session conducted at the second floor of Grundfos training room, followed by an outdoor session located at the operating facility.