World Water Day 2018

this time Grundfos Indonesia joins a Non-Government Organization "Gita Laut", where the festivities are focused in the Muara Baru area, North Jakarta on March 23rd. The event was conducted in conjunction with the Government of DKI Jakarta province, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia, Muara Baru Port Authority, and several other private companies concerned with the environment. Grundfos Indonesia is represented by the CSR Team; Aryuani & Iqbal.  

Began by clearing the existing garbage in the Muara Baru neighborhood, followed by mangrove tree planting which has many benefits, one of which is maintaining the quality of seawater from the mud deposit.  

Festivities ended at 11.00, after this activity, the condition of Muara Baru looks more clean and tidy, with young mangrove trees lined the newly planted. May the attitude of environmental awareness, especially to the water continues, as our responsibility and investment to posterity in the future.