Year 2000 the best year ever

This was particularly due to increasing profit deriving from an increased turnover totalling DKK 9,522m. The Group result before tax increased by 55% to DKK 739m before tax and after tax by 82% to DKK 529m. In short, the year of 2000 was a really good year for Grundfos.

With a total growth of 17% the Group reached the goal of two-digit growth rates. The growth comprises 11% of organical growth, 1% from acquired companies (the pump division of Finnish Sarlin Group), and 5% from the profitable development of exchange rates.

The strong growth in 2000 reflects the fact that Grundfos gained market shares in important product fields.

At the end of the year the number of employees had increased from 9,591 (1999) to 10,773.

For 2001 Group Management expect a lower growth rate in world economy. However, Grundfos maintains its goal of two-digit growth rates due to a number of very promising product introductions as well as more aggressive marketing activities based on the Group's new branding strategy.

Based on the positive expectations the Grundfos Group is including a total of DKK 950m for investments in the budget of 2001, which is the largest amount for investments so far. Included in the investments are the extension of production capacity and sales offices abroad, as well as the Poul Due Jensen Academy, e-business, and branding.

In environmental matters the Grundfos Group reached a number of important results in 2000. In Denmark, for instance, the amount of chemical waste has been halved since 1997 whereas water consumption has been reduced by 34% since 1995/96.

The total environmental results prove that the Grundfos Group is reaching the objects of responsibility, sustainability, and reliability.

Grundfos A/S, the Group's production company in Denmark, in September received the first working environment certificate according to the Danish OHSAS 18001 standard.