Yes we can

In a typical week Heinz visits customers four days a week, whereas he tries to stay in the office in Bjerringbro every Friday.

Heinz is one of the six persons who make up the Jutland and Funen Grundfos Service Team.

Online service
Half a year ago Heinz went online. The service car got a workstation for a laptop. This means for instance that Heinz can read mails and have access to the Grundfos network.

”It helps me enormously. I have access to all drives and data bases. In this way all the spareparts I use are registered directly in our SAP database. This again facilitates the invoicing, since having ended an assignment I can type all the data that our bookkeeping department needs to send an invoice to the customer”, says Heinz.

Close collaboration
”Besides the tangible service of the installations it is also part of my job to give advise concerning new solutions, to suggest improvements, and in generally contribute with suggestions to how to optimize the technical installations of the hospital”, says Heinz.

”When I service customers it is always done in close co-operation with the people in charge of the daily maintenance. In this way I can ensure that our systems are used in an optimum way, and at the same time the local maintenance crew get to understand the use of the systems. Besides it is always an opportunity to get a professional discussion of the technical details,” Heinz sums up.

”It is a great advantage that Grundfos Service is always available. One time I called Heinz a Saturday night, when one of our systems had operating problems. Together we found a solution over the phone, and in that way we could secure the operation without causing any convenience to the users. The important thing for us is operational reliability, environmentally right and economical solutions. And not least confidence, which is very much present between Grundfos and us”, states Thorben Tjerrild.