Blood Donor Grundfos Indonesia

On 12 September 2014, PT Grundfos Pompa held a blood donor event, which  his event are open to public. All peoples in this area could be join us for free.

The event, which began at 08.00 am, looks quite successful. We can see by enthusiasm of the participant who interest with this Blood Donor Event to register and queue.

In cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross, this blood donation which takes places in PT Grundfos Pompa, Grha Intirub - 2nd floor, is pretty quiet. Unfortunately, the Indonesian Red Cross team only just bring 4 pieces bed, so it takes a little bit long for people to wait their turn.

However, PT. Grundfos Pompa managed to get about 100 pieces of blood bags. It is including Mr. Gert Borrits, the Managing Director of PT. Grundfos Pompa who also participated in this event.