CBS Futsal Tournament 2016

Commercial Building Service team PT. Grundfos Pumps held a futsal tournament for engineering consultants in the region of Greater Jakarta.

The match, which was for the first time to be carried out, named CBS Futsal Tournament 2016. Followed by eight consulting firm's team, located in
Kuningan Village, and executed in two rounds, the first round is an elimination
held on 08th October, and the final round which will leaves 4 remaining teams
held on the 15th of October.

To encourage the game, prizes and medals have been prepared for the
winners. The match was officially opened by CBS Segment Manager, Bintang Aritonang, and kicked-off by Regional West Manager, Charis Murwadi.

Just like the professional game, each team looks very seriously in every matches. But the game is the game, there must be losers and winners at the end, finally the elimination round finished, and leaving four teams failed to continue to the next round.

However, despite losing, the four teams who failed were still received prizes from Grundfos as an appreciation for their willingness to participate in this tournament. President Director, Gert Borrits, and Sales Director, Jens Ove Frederiksen, handed over the prizes with a happily greeted by them.

The final round took on 15th October, leaving only four teams. although the number of participants and supporters reduced, but, the heat of the atmosphere is more pronounced than the preliminary round. It was visible from several incidents altercation during the game, but can be quickly muted by the spirit of professionalism. Finally, after a tiring match, two teams made into the final round and won the match. The first winner, is PT. Arnan Pratama, and the runner up, PT. Skemanusa Konsultama, while the third place was won by PT. Meltech Consultindonusa.

Award prizes to the winners handed by Regional West Manager, Charis Murwardi who representing management. PT. Arnan Pratama, as the first winner, beside receiving prizes and gold medals, also entitled to the trophy of CBS Futsal Tournament 2016.

Finally, CBS Fustal Tournament 2016 ended with happily, they hope this tournament will be held back in 2017 with broader coverage and with more
participants. Viva CBS team.