Company Trip 2016

Lasted for two days, from December 16-17. On the 16th, after a group photo at the parking area of Graha Intirub, the entourage divided into 5 groups (SP, CR, NKG, TP, and SCALA2), then each group get into the bus in accordance to the their group name. At 02.00 pm, groups left Graha Intirub; the intended location is Rasamala cottage. During the trip, each bus coordinator asked to lead his group, set up the most interesting appearance to contest at dinner. Approximately, after 2 hours of driving, the groups finally arrived in the location.

On-site parking Rasamala cottage, villa coordinators whose job is to deliver every person to a villa that has been determined, had been waiting for us. There are 7 villas which has been prepared by the committee; Villa Kisampang, Eaglewood Villa, Villa Batanua, Villa Sandalwood Villa Ilegole, Kihyang Villa, and Villa Pinus. While waiting for dinner, every employee is welcome to rest and socialize with other fellow employee.

At 07:00 pm, dinner started, all employees gathered in the pavilion that had been prepared. Finished dinner, the creative attraction began, opened by President Director-Gert Borrits that conveys some information related to the event and company in general. After that, each group is welcome to show their most spectacular performances they had prepared, starting from the CR group, followed by the SP group, NKG group, TP Group, and end by SCALA Group. Among the performances of each group, is used by management to reward Service Award to employees who have reached the 5-year period (Presented to Rudi and Ayu, from the department of finance) and 25 years (Awarded to Felisianus Yudhi Lesmana, from the department of operation). Approaching 10:00 pm, event closed with an attractive appearance presented by Sales Director-Jens Ove, which featuring a blend of singing with magic, then ends with a game that demands teamwork.

The second day-December 17, opened by Sajojo dance chaired by the Senior Manager of HR-Aryuani. The purpose of this exercise is to warm up, in order to face the rough terrain trekking to several waterfalls, which will begin after breakfast. Finished breakfast, trekking preparations began, the head of each group asked to take full responsibility for its members. Further, in encourage the atmosphere of trekking, the committee made a puzzle where the instructions placed in some point that can be found on the way. To be able to answer the puzzle of each group must collect all the instructions.

At 08.00 am, trekking begins; the first destination is the waterfall well known as Curug Pangeran. Nevertheless, do not be happy first, terrain to get to there is quite heavy for those who are not accustomed, moreover that rarely exercise, participants confronted by climbing steep grades that must be overcome. This is where teamwork is required; each team must make sure none of its members left behind. Arriving at the first meeting point, each group getting the first puzzle piece directly from Gert Borrits. After releasing tired, all the groups in turn leading to the first waterfall, beauty of nature eliminates fatigue that felt. Finished photo group, the trip continued to the second waterfall, known as Balong Endah, and each group did not forget to collect clues to solve puzzles along the way. Again, the chance to take a photo in Balong Endah not missed by any group.

The journey continues towards the third waterfall, known as the Curug Kondang. The location is more welcoming and spacious giving everyone a chance to enjoy it. Playing water and swim under the waterfall greatly enjoyed by every employee. Of course, before leaving Curug Kondang and return to the lodge, as usual group photo of all employees taken.

Upon arriving at the lodge, everyone is welcome to rest, clean up and prepare the luggage to go home. After lunch, committee announced the winners of several competitions conducted, first, to the creative attraction won by NKG Grup, while the winner of puzzles in trekking is Group 2. After then, event continued with the introduction of several new employees. Finally, after a series of events, Company Trip 2016 officially closed by President Director-Gert Borrits, tired feeling paid off with a cheer during this event. Every employee returns home to bring the exciting experience. Thanks Grundfos.