DBS held a CSR Event in Surabaya

The event began with a speech from the principal of Giki 2 High School, Drs. Muhammad aruman. He feel grateful and hopes this event can be a positive motivation for other schools. 

The event began with a cutting ribbon by Mr. Gert Borrits and followed by Giki 2 High School modern dance performances. This event was more fun when a basketball team of Giki 2 High School alumni competed against basketball team of Giki 2 High School. This event closed with the distribution of souvenirs to Giki 2 High School and gifts for the basketball team that competed. There are Rp.2.000.000 for the winning team and Rp.1.000.000 for the losing team.

"Thanks PT Grundfos Pompa may you always be the best pump leader and always support education in Indonesia," said Lia Novita Sari, head of Student Council Giki 2 high School Surabaya.

“We hope that through this event we can guide young people – teenagers towards more positive way by doing positive activities as well. So that they will avoid drugs, violence and others. Care for the environment is one of Grundfos values"

Gert Borrits, Managing Director PT Grundfos Pompa