DBS SCALA2 Road Shows 2016

The event took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel Jakarta on Saturday, September 24th, 2015, attended by 72 people from 29 stores.

SCALA2 booster pump is a pump that has a modern technology, "The advantages of SCALA2 are capable of operating at a voltage of 150V, has a vacancy protection of water (dry running protection), extremely light weights, easy to install, equipped by intelligent pump control, and can be installed outdoor. With all these advantages, Grundfos SCALA2 booster pump becomes the best booster pump ever and easy to sell", said F.Chandradinata, as DBS Senior Business Unit Manager.

DBS team brings new concept to this launching. After dancing performance, they played a theatrical showing the superiority of SCALA2. Audience were very happy with this new concept, because it was not only about the superiority itself, but more than that, it made them laugh. Besides showing running demo and marketing  materials, audiences were welcome to operate running demo to proof the fantastic performance of SCALA2 compare to competitors.

The event ended successfully. This can be proven by number of invited guests who ordered during the event, it was resulting 396 units order. This result can be more since there were still 7 stores left, they were unable to attend the launching but committed to order. Overall prediction can get 550-600 units. SCALA2 launching road shows will continue to 6 cities within October and November.