Fire Training

Is this important? Yup, it's important, because through this training the participants are taught and introduced to the basic techniques of fire evacuation.

At this training, participants were introduced to the fire. Starting from the type of fire with little danger level, which can resolve themselves, to the type of fire that can only be extinguished by firefighters. they also learn about what things that could cause a fire. So, if you want to know a lot about the things that can cause a fire, please contact them.

Not just always on fire, participants also learn, when they hear the sound of a fire alarm hydrant then how the right way to run the evacuation. They learn the evacuation process, complete with a first aid technique of extinguishing the fire.

Participants were introduced with a variety of tools to extinguish the fire. APAR tube, Hydrant and so on. APAR itself is divided into several types. And this time the participants can go directly to practice using a APAR (fire extinguisher) to put out the fire. Unfortunately, on Friday, all of them can not practice how to carry out the evacuation process. Hopefully next time will be possible ya guys!

Tips for you if suddenly there an emergency and you should extinguish the fire using a fire extinguisher. First, you should see which way the wind is blowing, and spray the APAR (fire extinguisher) on the surface (in the direction where the wind is blowing).