Indosol Road Shows 2016

Industry Segments also carry out a series of road shows in almost all regions. Starting in Q3, the theme used for the road show is "Industrial Solutions" orĀ  "Indosol".

The objectives of this road show is to revive and thus to strengthen Grundfos pump portfolio to the needs of industrial sector which later was eroded by competitors, of course, the main focus is always on CR pumps which is one of the sales backbone. Promo given to boost sales of the CR pumps in each road show is a discount voucher which is divided into three categories; Titanium, Gold, and Silver, valid until the end of November.

Indosol road shows started in September, then finished in November. During the visits, to carry out these activities, in addition to full team of segment industry, road shows were also supported by service team and regional team. Surely, support given by dealer teams in each destination is also one of the key to the successful of these series of road shows.

By late of November, Industrial Segment Team successfully completed the road shows in seven places; Surabaya (05 Sep), Medan (21 Sep), Balikpapan (28 Sep), Surabaya (04 Oct), Semarang (12 Oct), Jakarta (19 Oct), and the latter carried on in Bandung (17 Nov). Hopefully the goals can be accomplished and a positive result on sales in the end brought by these road shows.