Pump School July 2015

What is Pump School? Pump School is a place where participants can learn and know all the information about Grundfos pumps. And for 3 days, the participants not only learn the theory but also practical, because they will be introduced directly into demo-running of Grundfos pumps.

Day One, July 27, 2015, the participants start Pump School for the first time. Before getting to know more about Grundfos Pumps, the participants were introduced to Grundfos itself. And on the first day they learn more about Basic Hydraulic Pump and Terminology by Mr. Zaki, Head Calculation and Basic Pumps Selection by Mr, Supriyadi, Multi Stage Centrifugal Pumps by Mr. Bayu, and also Domestic Home Pumps by Mr. Robby.

Continuing training on the second day, this session they talked a lot about Grundfos Booster Hydro System by Mr. Supriyadi, Centrifugal Single Stage End Suction Pumps NK/NB/LF by Mr. Seprizal, and Ground Water Submersible Pumps SP/SPN/MS by Mr. Deny and Mr. Septiaji.. Psssttt, it turns out, that there is the test too. The aim of this so that we can see, how the participants understand the material has been delivered. Unfortunately, if they have participated in training but do not know anything.

And, for the last day, the participants together, using a blue uniform supplied by Grundfos. Today, the participants learned a lot about the Submersible Drainage, Effluent and Sewage by Mr. Hotma. Eitss, but not only that, the participants get a chance to see and learn directly about Grundfos pump, which is located in the warehouse. Yup, the demo running of Grundfos pumps. Accompanied by the trainer, the participants were allowed to ask any questions, which will be responded immediately by the trainer.