Strengthening Brand Image Through Recognition In “Rekor Bisnis (ReBi)”

SINDO together with TERA FOUNDATION held recognition night for Rekor Bisnis (ReBi) 16th in MNC Tower Auditorium, Tuesday 22 November 2016. PT Grundfos Pompa received recognition in Rekor Bisnis (ReBi) for CM Booster.

ReBi is an appreciation and the highest recognition for above-average or record-breaking business activities/practices that given to a company or Organization, both private and government, and also to a product, service, and brand for achievements in : Market Performance, Product Performance, and other business achievements. REKOR BISNIS (ReBi) is given based on the results of market research, secondary data, media publications and also the decision of the jury. Compared to other awards, ReBi is not an award, because awards are given for qualitative  achievements. ReBi recognition is dedicated for quantitative business records, which can be counted and represented by numbers.

We applied CM Booster in this recognition, as our customer knows that we give five years warranty for CM Booster because we would to give assurance to customers that this product is really good quality. We have passed all the process started from
August 2016 from registration, research, collecting data, and the judging. Then
finally Grundfos got recognition for First Booster pump with the longest warranty (5

The benefits of ReBi recognition for Grundfos are:

  • A token of appreciation for a consistent and significant achievement is a positive added value for Company.
  • Increasing brand awareness and brand image.
  • Make our CM Booster product stand out compare to competitor.
  • Making our business partner more confidence to sell our product.

“At Grundfos we have an ongoing determination to improve the way things are done. And this does not just apply to setting new precedents in pump technology - we are committed to improving every aspect of our business”. Said Gert Borrits, President Director of PT Grundfos Pompa.

Furthermore, ReBi’s logo will be put on CM Booster packaging product in order to increase product value and brand image.