1 -  If your water pressure is too low it can take 30 minutes to fill a regular bathtub as opposed to 10 minutes – with the right booster solution. At 3 bar at a tap we fill a 300 l bathtub in 10 min. This means the flow is 1800 l/h. Kv coefficient (l/h at 1 bar) of the tap is 1040 l/h. (1040 l/h = 1800 l/h / sqrt (3 bar/ 1bar)). If pressure at the tap drops to 0.3 bar, we would have flow of 570 l/h which means it will take more then 30 min to fill in tub. (570 l/h = 1040 l/h * sqrt (0.3 bar/ 1 bar)).

Source: Grundfos DBS internal calculation by boosting expert


2 - Waiting for hot water can result in a 3-person household wasting 16,000 litres of water in a year – enough for filling 66 bathtubs


3 - Within a year of installing a GRUNDFOS COMFORT PM recirculation solution, an average household can save roughly 16,000 litres of water – enough for 66 bathtubs


4 - On average, a person waits 20 seconds, five times a day, for faucet water to heat up. That’s up to 10 litres of water down the drain every day.


Number of times a person is waiting a day for water to get hot at a faucet is estimated to be 5 

5 - In an average 3-person household, that can add up to as much as 16,000 litres of water a year.


6 - A homeowner can save up to 40% of the energy consumption (used for water boosting) by choosing the best pressure boosters instead of traditional pumps.

Source: Grundfos global boosting expert

7 - Heating water and space inside your home accounts for 77.9%* of your total energy consumption.


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