Question: Who will do the distributed pumping design for my building's HVAC?


Grundfos has a team of highly Trained Application specialist who uses our Grundfos Distributed Pumping Sizing tool, to do the pump sizing and selection. This ensures that you get the best possible Distributed Pumping Solution for your building, by tapping into our 75 years of pumping knowledge.

What our application speacialists need from you to do the design is:

  • Chilled Water piping layout and schematics drawings
  • HVAC Equipment data sheets and scheduling

We will also include a theoretical energy comparison of a conventional variable-primary system and Distributed Pumping for your building, to show what energy savings you are achieving.

Additional information:

Distributed Pumping solutions replace larger centralised pumps and energy-consuming balancing and control valves with smaller intelligent pumps placed on each floor of the building. The result is substantial energy savings and a more comfortable indoor climate.