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Here, you'll find our comprehensive Price Book, which contains current information about available Grundfos solutions, including technical specifications and prices.
Please note, prices listed are for our distributors. The final cost for end users may differ and it's recommended to check with local authorized Grundfos distributors.

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The Price Book is updated regularly to ensure you always have the most up-to-date information about our solutions, technical specifications and prices.

For additional pricing information, please contact your local Grundfos office or authorized distributor. 


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You can download a flip-through version of the Price Book. The PDF version includes active links to Grundfos Product Center when clicking on the article code, and to Extranet when clicking on the price.

The PDF format also makes the document compatible with all PCs, tablets and mobiles. It allows you to view the price without an internet connection. Note: without an internet connection the links to GPC and Extranet will not work. It is recommended that you save a shortcut to the online flip-through version rather than the PDF file.

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