How do you reach millions of people with robust, lasting water solutions, when end- users can't afford to pay?

At Grundfos, we care - because we can and because water is our core competence. We are foundation-owned with family values at the heart of how we do business.

In line with SDG 6 and 13, Grundfos’ purpose is to pioneer solutions to the world's water and climate challenges, and to improve quality of life. With some of the world's leading humanitarian and development aid organisations, local distributors, banks, investors and governments, Grundfos SafeWater explore the edges of commercial viability. We leverage the know-how of 19,000 people and 75 years of experience and industry leadership to supply an extremely wide range of pumps, water solutions and know-how to the most water poor communities.

With partners, Grundfos aims to reach 300 million people with water by 2030. Grundfos SafeWater aims to reach some of the most water challenged communities. 


We systematically collaborate and support our partners to gain a shared understanding and deep insights on the challenges we need to solve. 

Key challenges range from little existing infrastructure causing basic logistical challenges to the lack of economies of scale and low technical knowhow on the ground combined with limited spare-part and service support. The list continues with inaccessible water, poor water quality and inability to pay for water, which often leads to unsustainable water access.

Is this something you recognize? 

Grundfos SafeWater is a dedicated team focused on making water work for the most water challenged communities. We work with a true willingness to understand your situation and stay honest and true to the shared value of reaching millions of people with sustainable water access in the best way possible.  

With key strengths in water intake and boosting, Grundfos also introduced solar driven solutions in the 1980s and have since built a strong portfolio around decentralized water solutions. Grundfos SafeWater drives an ecosystem approach to leverage our know-how within the wider context of what it takes to get water to everyone, everywhere. 

Together, we find better ways to empower and build sustainable water access. 

Partnering with Grundfos

We aim to fill the ”gaps” around us with likeminded partners:

  • International non-profits
  • Local non-profits
  • Governments
  • Banks and financing institutions
  • Our distributors
  • Our service partners
  • Energy service providers
  • Local agri-cooperatives
  • Industries

Public sector partners

We work with governments in a span from developing a sustainable water sector and infrastructure, to bidding on water infrastructure projects, including installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. We also test the limits of what is possible through new business models. 

Public sector partners

Together with our private sector partners we have served the water market for the past 75 years. Our partners range from micro businesses to some of the worlds biggest. We also identify private sector innovators engaging in services for the poor, as we believe in local presence - local jobs and know-how is key for sustainable local growth, which is the key to sustainable water systems.

Public sector partners

Partnering across sectors is viable as any new project focuses on versatility, fast deployment, reducing complexity, and getting closer to the end-user. It is honestly not always easy, but it is necessary to scale, and we see the value it brings the end-users.

We always look to partner

If you want to hear more about how we work to serve the underserved,
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About us

SafeWater is a strategic business unit that ties together the company's efforts in pioneering water solutions to the most vulnerable people on the planet. We partner with some of the world's leading humanitarian and development aid organisations, local distributors, banks, investors and governments. We explore the edges of commercial viability, extending 75 years of experience and industry leadership to supply pumps, water solutions and know-how to make the biggest possible impact for the people who need it the most.

Poul Due Jensen Foundation

Grundfos is owned by Poul Due Jensen Foundation, the employees and the founder’s family, with the Foundation as the primary owner.