6 tips to prepare for the monsoon season

Although the monsoon is a seasonal weather pattern that occurs all over the world, India experiences the most extreme cases yearly. The heavy rainfall increases the likelihood of accidents, power outages and weather hazards. Here are 6 tips to help you avoid accidents and damage to your property:

TIP #1

Remove tree branches that might fall and damage your property during heavy storms.

TIP #3

Have pumps installed in flood-prone areas ready in your home. (Ex. Basements, cellars)

TIP #2

Stock enough drinkable water for a week (approximately 24.5 litres per adult).

TIP #4

Fix loose or exposed electrical cables to avoid accidents.

TIP #5

Check expiry dates for each component in your first aid kit, and make sure the whole family knows how to apply first aid.

TIP #6

Check the batteries and power levels of emergency lighting and place them where they are easily accessible.