Heating is an essential part of a comfortable home. With Grundfos as your partner you can provide your customers with the best heating solutions without spending their entire household budget. Our range of high efficiency heating circulators offers total reliability, easy installation, and large energy savings through intelligent technologies.

The new ALPHA3 System – You save time, customers save energy

Proper hydronic balancing is the key to an efficient heating system. With the new ALPHA3 System and the GO Balance app, you can balance a system in a few hours and cut your customers’ energy costs by as much as 20%.

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#1 for energy efficiency

We asked the VDE Institute to test 6 small circulators from world leading pump manufacturers – and our ALPHA circulators came out on top. In fact, they use 85% less energy than your average installed circulator. Packed with innovative features, ALPHA2 and ALPHA3 are sure to impress your customers.

MAGNA3 – built for big challenges

When your customers need a heating (or cooling) solution for their apartment block or business, your best bet is the MAGNA3. Just as easy to install and set up as the ALPHA circulators, MAGNA3 comes with unrivalled efficiency levels – and easy feedback through the Grundfos GO Remote app.

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Download the app for iOS here: App Store

Download the app for Android here: Google Play

AUTOADAPT – easy installation and high efficiency

With Grundfos AUTOADAPT technology you can offer your customers a heating system that adjusts to their demands automatically. In more than 80% of your installations, AUTOADAPT is the optimal setting.

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How much can your customers save?

Try the calculator and find out. You will be surprised.

Get the app for fast hydronic balancing


Download the GO Balance app to perform hydronic balancing faster than ever before. All you need is an ALPHA3 and this app.

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Alpha2 - Best in energy efficiency


Best in energy efficiency

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1.2MB - 2 pages

NEW ALPHA2 - Brochure

ALPHA2 - Brochure

Redefining reliability and efficiency

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2.3MB - 12 pages

MAGNA1 - High efficiency made simple


High efficiency made simple

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2.2MB - 2 pages

MAGNA3 - Taking pump intelligence to the next level


Taking pump intelligence to the next level

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615KB - 2 pages

UPS2 - Universal replacement pump


Universal replacement pump

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683KB - 2 pages

ALPHA2 L - Affordable energy efficiency


Affordable energy efficiency

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