No two houses, buildings, or businesses are the same. Neither are the families that live in them or the people who work there. Over the course of a year, or even a day, heating demands change, but now you can offer a solution that changes along with them.

Thinking pumps
AUTOADAPT is a true Grundfos innovation. It is an intelligent technology that allows pumps to adjust to external factors, such as outside temperatures and consumption patterns.
With AUTOADAPT, the pump you install will constantly analyse the system it is part of and determine the right pressure based on the information gathered. This ensures optimal comfort at the lowest possible cost - at all times.

One setting to rule them all
In 80% of all installation jobs, AUTOADAPT is the optimal setting for your customers. That is why we have made it a factory default in ALPHA2, ALPHA3, and MAGNA3. All you need to do is install the circulator and let the advanced technologies take care of the rest. Perfect results with no hassle.


Learn more about ALPHA2 here, ALPHA3 here and MAGNA3 here


The three steps of AUTOADAPT

1. SYSTEM ANALYSIS: AUTOADAPT analyses system pressure

2. PRESSURE SELECTION: AUTOADAPT selects optimal system setting

3. SYSTEM CONTROL: AUTOADAPT controls by setting optimal system pressure