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When it comes to heating reliability is everything. So why not capitalise on our 60 years of experience and offer your customers a circulator that will keep their homes warm and water hot - without chilling interruptions. Like the ALPHA2 – an industry benchmark with more than 3 million units installed worldwide – or our newest innovations ALPHA3 and MAGNA3.

The ALPHA series – reliability like never before

ALPHA2 and ALPHA3 are designed to run smoothly for years, even under the most demanding conditions. This means that you avoid costly call-backs, while your customers experience the joys of trouble-free operation and long pump lifetime. Our secret? Advanced hydraulics, ceramic shafts and bearings, and intelligent control modes – to name a few.

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MAGNA3 – Built to last

MAGNA3 is one the most reliable all-purpose circulators around. It’s maintenance-free, based on a proven platform, and features all the reliability measures of the ALPHA3. With more than 1 million hours of extreme testing, we’re confident that the MAGNA3 will outperform any circulator in its class when it comes to reliability.

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Extreme reliability demands extreme testing

To guarantee impeccable reliability, the ALPHA and MAGNA3 circulators undergo an extreme testing process. We call it HALT (Highly Accelerated Limit testing). During the HALT process, the circulators are exposed to temperatures from -100° to 200° C, vibration stress, and a range of other demanding tests. See the ALPHA series test film above.

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