Hot water recirculation


Even as clean water is a typical family of three wastes 16,000 litres of water and spends a whole 24 hours a year waiting for hot water at the tap or in the shower. With a hot water recirculation system you can guarantee your customers the luxury of hot water in an instant.becoming an increasingly scarce resource, we waste millions of m3 every year as we wait for hot water when we turn on the tap. Using a hot water recirculation pump eliminates instantly this expensive and annoying wait. The Grundfos COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT provides access to instantly hot water, efficiently reduces the annual waste of domestic water and reduces the power consumption too.


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The Grundfos COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT sets new standards for energy-efficient and intelligent hot water recirculation in private homes and offers the ultimate in control with three products. The COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT offers the choice between fully automated operation, temperature-controlled operation and continuous full speed operation.

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Comfort PM - Hot Water Recirculation

Comfort PM

Hot water recirculation - The clever way

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