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Calculate your wasted water, while waiting for the right temperature, hot water in the shower or at the tap.
(if left blank, the calculation we be based on an average price of Euro 4.36/m3)

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Every year, three people in a 150 m2 house will pour as much as 16,000 litres of water down the drain waiting for the right temperature in the shower. In most houses, the wait is 60 seconds or longer. Based on a water price of EUR 4.36/m3, this adds up to an annual 72 Euro down the drain.

We are running out of water

Not only is this a waste of your customer’s time and money. It also puts a serious strain on one of world’s most precious and increasingly scarce resources – fresh water. The map below illustrates the gravity of the situation in Europe, but other parts of the planet suffer even more.


There is hope

You can help your customers cut costs and protect the environment by installing a hot water recirculation system. Equip this with a Grundfos COMFORT PM circulator and add energy savings to the long list of benefits.

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