Add toilets and kitchens

Want to turn your loft into a guest bathroom? Or convert your cellar to an apartment with its own kitchen facilities? Such decorating ideas demand extensive pipe work for wastewater removal and extensive pipe work demands flexible pumping solutions. A Grundfos lifting station will help you get the job done, reliably and cost-effectively.

What is a lifting station?

A lifting station is a unit designed to transport wastewater to the main sewer lines, regardless of the sanitary application’s placement in your home. In other words, whenever you need to get rid of wastewater, and gravity alone is not enough, a lifting station is the solution.

Introducing SOLOLIFT2

Discover the freedom to install a bathroom or additional drain anywhere you want, without the trouble of expensive re-modeling or installation. The SOLOLIFT2 lifting station offers you the most reliable handling of wastewater for toilets, bidets, sinks, showers or washing machines in an easy-to-install plug-and-pump package.

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