Avoid flooding

All over the world, global warming causes weather patterns to change, increasing the risk of heavy rain and flooded basements. If not removed quickly, floodwater will ruin more than photo albums and old toys, it will permanently damage your home.

How to prevent flooding

If the drain in your cellar is directly connected to the sewer system, your home is exposed to flooding. A sudden heavy rainfall might overload the system, causing water to rise up through the drain. But by rearranging the piping, establishing a so-called gooseneck, and connecting a Grundfos drainage pump, the wastewater will be pumped away before it reaches your cellar.

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Multibox B-CC7 - Damage control in a box

Should you experience a flooded basement, Multibox B-CC7 is the perfect solution to clean up the mess. In only a few minutes it is ready to operate, saving precious time and preventing long term damage.

Low suction means less work

The box includes the flexible UNILIFT CC pump. With its low suction feature, it is able to pump away liquid down to a level of 3 mm. This makes a big difference compared to regular pumps with 3 cm limit: for each 100m2 of flooded basement, a regular pump will leave you with an extra 2700 litres of water to mop up.

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