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The Grundfos COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT sets new standards for energy-efficient and intelligent hot water recirculation in private homes by delivering hot water instantly all over the house, reducing heat loss and the need for reheating the hot water.

This addresses the issue of heat loss in hot water recirculation systems. The automatic calendar at the heart of AUTOADAPT functionality ensures that the pump runs when needed and changing the operating slots based on user habits.

Find out how much you waste


What is a hot water recirculation system?

A hot water recirculation system is a plumbing system with a dedicated line for hot water that makes hot water instantly available at all taps. To move the water efficiently through the system, you need a high quality circulator. With the COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT pump from Grundfos, you get instantly hot water using less energy while saving money in the hot water system.


Boost comfort and save water - intelligently

It requires a mere 2-3 Euro* per year to operate a COMFORT PM AUTOADAPT pump, which compared to a conventional fixed speed hot water recirculation pump equals a cost reduction of up to 97 % of the electrical energy consumption. On top of that, the innovative solution reduces heat radiation loss from the pipe, which enables heat savings of up to 48 %. As heat energy forms the biggest part of the energy
balance the benefit is actually quite substantial.  

* Based on 0.3 Euro/kWh and average running time of 3 hours/day.


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