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Every day, in private homes, thousands of litres of drinking water are poured down the drain. While you miss out on huge savings, the world’s fresh water supply is rapidly diminishing. Luckily, it is never too late to act.

Hot water recirculation equals hot water instantly

During the course of a year, a typical family of three wastes 16.000 litres of water waiting for the right temperature in the showers or at taps. By installing a hot water recirculation system, you can enjoy hot water instantly, minimising the waste and your water bills.

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The COMFORT PM with AUTOADAPT is an intelligent hot water circulator that only runs when you need it to. By installing the COMFORT PM in your system, you achieve an average electrical savings of up to 96% and heat energy savings of up to 48%, compared to regular pumps.

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Rainwater harvesting – reduce your water bills by 50%

A rainwater harvesting system collects water from roofs or gardens, stores it in tanks and pumps it in to your home’s water system. Instead of flushing your toilets or water your garden with drinking water, the system turns rainwater into water for all non-potable purposes, such as

  • Toilets
  • Washing machines
  • Garden irrigation
  • Car wash

With a Grundfos rainwater harvesting system you can save as much as 50 % of your drinking water. Our rainwater systems will automatically prioritise rainwater over mains water, reducing the strain on the world’s resources and your hard-earned money.

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