To most people, domestic wastewater is something that just disappears down the drain all by itself. In most cases it does. But if your customers have problems with flooding, have groundwater entering their cellars, need to discharge wastewater from below sewer level, or want extra sanitary facilities, we can help you get the job done – efficiently and safely.

Compact, all-in-one lifting stations

Our domestic lifting stations are designed for modern living. The compact, all-in-one units fit into very confined spaces, allowing your customers to add extra sinks, toilets or showers anywhere they like and ensuring you easy installation.

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Reliable and versatile drainage pumps

Our drainage pumps ensure safe and efficient removal of wastewater from the property, whether it is wastewater from washing machines, sinks and showers or drainage from the garden. We offer submersible pumps for permanent installation below ground level or lightweight portable pumps for on-the-spot jobs.

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Perhaps you’re onsite and need help with troubleshooting a pump system – or you want confirmation of which pump would be best to install.

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We have handpicked everything we have developed that makes your workday easier.

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Domestic Water Catalogue

Domestic Water Catalogue

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