Heat pump systems


Keeping your business competitive

Heat Pump Systems will improve their system efficiency to stay competitive in future. Grundfos contributes to this agenda with the excellent concept of double-efficiency: a hydraulic unit consisting of a pump housing with built-in functionality combined with a high efficiency circulator.

Grundfos heat pump circulators are specified for these types of heat pump appliances

• Air to water heat pumps
• Brine to water heat pumps
• Groundwater absorption or adsorption heat pumps
• Providing space heating
• Providing DHW supply

Heat pump circulator characteristics:

• Fit for cold antifreeze media containing glycol or ethanol
• Fit for condensing environments: electronics separated from motor, motor protected against condensed water by drain holes and  double-coated wiring
• Cataphoretically coated cast iron housing
• Especially optimised for geothermal heat pumps in terms of performance and robustnes


CHBL fits it all

At Grundfos HVAC OEM, we aim to make your applications simpler through advanced technology. The Grundfos CHBL is another step in that direction.

The Grundfos CHBL (Compact Hydro Block Large) is an innovative hydraulic platform for heat pumps and boilers with DN20 hydraulic and a flow of up to 4 m3/h. It offers compact design, intelligent built-in features, easy serviceability, and energy optimized design.

It can be combined with Grundfos motorized change-over return valve RV20