Customized Hydraulics


Reducing the complexity of your HVAC project

All over the world, our hydraulic units help customers reduce project time and complexity. With more than 10 million already in action, you can rest assured that they have been field-tested to perfection. The units consist of pump housings with built-in functionalities combined with high quality motors. Your benefits include seamless integration, significantly reduced manufacturing costs, and trouble-free operation.


Tailor-made solutions

The modular approach of our hydraulic units allows for high degree of customisation. Examples of customisation options include air vent, pressure release valve, and temperature sensor, and other functions of the primary circuit of the individual system.


Composite experts

Composite is an extremely flexible material that makes customisation and, thus, system integration easier. We manufacture approximately 5 million highly complex hydraulic units from composite moulding every year, and your project will undoubtedly benefit from this experience and expertise.

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Grundfos CRU for Boiler Systems

Grundfos CRU is the smallest Grundfos hydroblock to date, but its performance and serviceability is best-in-class. The CRU delivers all hydraulic functions needed to serve the primary side of a boiler, and it comes with a long range of integrated components, such as valves, air vent, outlets, and inlets.

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Grundfos CHB for boiler systems

The Grundfos CHB is designed for seamless integration. The design is compact and modular, with almost endless possibilities for customisation. The unit is available either with asynchronous circulators or high efficiency pumps and comes with integrated components such as drain tab, flapper diverter valve, and cold-water fitting.

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Grundfos CHBL for heat pump systems

Grundfos CHBL for heat pump systems

With the CHBL, we are able to offer our customers in the heat pump industry the benefits of a hydraulic unit. Made from composite materials, Grundfos CHBL is designed to fit 6 different circulator types, with a capacity ranging from 5 up to 25KW. Integrated components include air vent, pressure and temperature sensors, drain, and expansion tank connection.

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