Digitalization and connectivity

Digital transformation is happening

The digital transformation is happening

Digital transformation is happening in most markets and industries. The HVAC industry is without any doubt one of them. This transformation requires a great effort which should be shared across the complete value chain.


Digitalisation in Grundfos

Grundfos has been from the beginning of this transformation one of the frontrunners in the industry, establishing Digitalisation as one of the core elements in our current strategy. With the objective of push this even further, Grundfos created the Digital Transformation Office. In this office, more 100 colleagues from all over the world work with one goal in mind: Help Grundfos, and its partners to lead the Digital Transformation.


Digitalisation in Grundfos HVAC OEM

Grundfos HVAC OEM supported by Grundfos Group has started a journey in which we aim to help you in the Digital transformation. HVAC appliances will be able to collect and utilize data from the system and its surroundings, and based on that, the system could be optimized, predict faults, control remotely, alert in case of abnormalities, monitor and many more things. 

In order to achieve this, data and the capability of turning into value are necessary, and Grundfos HVAC OEM can help you. 

Grundfos HVAC OEM team have more than 25 years of experience working with HVAC appliances, especially in hydraulics. On top of that, we have been connecting our solutions to your HVAC appliances for more than 20 years through PWM. This many years of experience has gave us deep knowledge about connectivity and data management. This experience in connectivity together with the new LIN BUS protocol which is available in our (UPM3 and Medium UPM platforms) is being used to develop the new features and services in the connectivity protocol LIN BUS will enhance the exchange of data.


Examples of the broad amount of possibilities

Besides this, we believe that in Digitalisation & Connectivity there are many opportunities, features and business models which we have not undercover yet. For that reason, we want to strength our cooperation and co-development even further. Together, we can reveal all the possibilities that Connectivity and Digitalisation will bring and help you in the business of tomorrow.


Contact your Grundfos HVAC OEM sales representative if you want to learn more how can we help you in the Digital transformation.