Digitalization and Connectivity


Digitalization and connectivity in the HVAC OEM world

These days, digitalization and connectivity are in focus of many different market sectors. Even integrated circulators can be involved in this kind of communication. There are different ways of connectivity:

2-way PWM signal
Since 1999, more than 13 million Grundfos OEM pumps with PWM communication have been installed in gas combi boilers or heat pumps (see VDMA Einheitsblatt 24244).
The PWM feedback signal off ers pump information such as:
– current power consumption or fl ow
– warning alarm or operation status

This new BUS communication standard was developed for automotive appliances. It is now on its way to become the new standard in HVAC appliances. A new VDMA Einheitsblatt will follow.

Wireless communication
Appliance connectivity is coming up. It is already used in Grundfos Fresh Water Modules between pumps and sensor box. ALPHA3 is using the ALPHA Reader to transmit data via bluetooth to smart phones for hydraulic balancing.