High efficiency circulators

High efficiency circulators

Keep efficiency high and maintenance low

By combining technological innovations with old-fashioned craftsmanship, our high efficiency circulators offer best-in-class efficiency, with savings of up to 80% compared with conventional constant-speed pumps. Needles to say, these platforms meet the Ecodesign requirements for 2015 and will carry the future CE mark.

UPM3 Platform

The UPM3 platform has set the new HVAC OEM standards due to its outstanding system integration, reliability and efficiency. 

  • The smallest Grundfos circulator ever.    It is the smallest Grundfos OEM circulator    for system integration that we have ever developed, as compact as the UPS15. 
  • Made for trouble-free operations.      The UPM3 is made from the most durable and high quality materials. 
  • Exceeds the efficiency benchmarks.    The UPM3 achieves the highest efficiency level in the market.
  • For all HVAC applications:                    The UPM3 can be integrated in all kind of HVAC applications (Boiler systems, Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal systems, Heating Kits, DHW systems, and Micro CHP systems)

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Grundfos UPML & UPMXL

Medium UPM platform

The Medium UPM platform is capable of handling medium and large HVAC appliances with a flow of up to 6 m3/h. 

  • High Efficiciency and Low Power Consumption. The Medium UPM platform fulfills the Ecodesign requirements of 2015 with an EEI below 0,23 and energy savings up to 70%
  • Reliability best in class. Equipped with ceramic bearing saft and motor protected against condensed water by means of drain holes and double-coated wiring
  • Systems and Pump protection. The Medium UPM platform possess a set of alarms which protects the systems and the circulators.
  • Available in 115V or 230V (for USA and Canada).  
  • Suitable for a wide range of HVAC applications. Boiler systems, Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal systems, DHW systems