Hydro blocks

Hydro Blocks HVAC OEM OEM Grundfos

Grundfos HVAC OEM offers a wide range of hydro blocks which aim to allow you to focus in what really matters

HVAC OEM Hydroblock CRU

CRU Hydro block

The smallest Grundfos hydro block ever without compromising function or serviceability. The hydro block CRU is highly flexible in terms of production concept and scope of customisation. 

It contains all the basic hydraulic functions that are needed to serve the primary side of a boiler. Additionally, the HB CRU could be turned into a combi IWC or a system IWC by connecting the customised manifolds to the horizontal inlet of the CRU. 

The manifold connection point is simple and positioned just where you need it, which offers great design flexibility and freedom when choosing manifold solutions.

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CHB HVAC OEM Hydro block

CHB - Compact Hydro block

The Grundfos CHB is an innovative hydraulic platform for domestic heating applications. it offers compact design, intelligen built-in features, easy serviceability and energy optimised design.

With several standard parts to choose from, and an array of customisation possibilities, the platform can be configured to meet virtually any need and project requirement

The Grundfos CHB comes with a wide range of important functions anf features built into the housing, which reduces project complexity and costs significantly.

The CHB is available with different pump heads depending on the application and market such as: UPM3 for Europe and UPSO for outside Europe

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CHBL HVAC OEM hydro block

CHBL - Compact Hydro block Large

While the CRU and CHB based hydro blocks are ideal for smaller heating appliances, the Grundfos CHBL hydro block with different pump heads such as the UPS or UPM with 3/4" connections is ideal for larger boilers or heat pumps with a flow up to 5m3/h. 

It offes a compact design, intelligent built-in features, easy serviceability, and energy optimized design. It can be combined with the Grundfos motorised change-over return valve RV20.

The CHBL is available with different pump heads depending on the application and market such as: UPM3, UPML, UPMXL for Europe, and UPSO and UPERO for outside Europe. 

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