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With the heat pump market growing quickly, the Grundfos CHBL ensures better and cheaper heat pumps along the entire value chain. We understand your need to build better heat pumps, and the Grundfos CHBL with a RV20 three-way valve helps you in the production and development areas critical for your business. And when you are ready for the next generation, the development costs are even less.

The Grundfos CHBL pump house is perfect for applications such as heat pumps and boilers with a heating capacity from 4 kW and up to 20 kW. The CHBL will help you develop heat pumps faster, smaller and better, because it fits the complete range of Grundfos small and medium range circulators (from 42 W to 180 W) with all functionality is predesigned into the unit. It is designed to perform perfectly with our pump heads and a three-way valve, in applications with high flows such as heat pumps and medium-sized boilers.

With all functionality built into the housing, the Grundfos CHBL reduces project complexity and costs significantly.


  • Drain tap
  • Air Vent
  • Pressure Relieve Valve, 3 bar mounted with clip D18
  • D9 and D10 optional connections for expansion vessel, external bypass or pressure sensor
  • 2 x D22 optional inlets with clip connections
  • D22 outlet clip connection
  • Optional RV20 3-way Grundfos flapper valve


  • Compact design.
  • Integrated solution from one supplier
  • Several hydraulic functions integrated in one unit
  • Save costs in developing, tooling and production
  • Simplified supply chain combining several part numbers into one
  • Scalable solution
  • Compatible with the complete small and medium (from 42 kW up to 180 kW) circulator portfolio of Grundfos HVAC OEM

Contact your Grundfos HVAC OEM sales representative if you want to learn more about the applications of the CHBL.