Grundfos supplies ATEX-approved pumps for every ethanol requirement and handles the mash pumping, fermentation, distillation and evaporation processes in ethanol production. Ethanol distillation involves a high explosive risk and risk of cavitation in the pump. Grundfos ensures continuous flow by offering stainless steel variants that can cope with the varying liquid composition during the distillation process. Grundfos also supplies pumps for the liquid that results from the various evaporation steps in the distillation process, ending with Dried Distillers Grain (DDG).

Grundfos NBG/NKG end-suction pumps are ideal for pumping alcohol and aggressive chemicals, and fully comply with ISO2858 standards. The CR multistage pump is also perfect for such applications and is available in a number of stainless steel variants.

SMART Digital (DDA, DDC and DDE) diaphragm dosing pumps offer modularity, simplicity and flow intelligence and contribute to keeping life cycle costs low. In addition, Grundfos supplies motor-driven (DMX) diaphragm dosing pumps, oscillating positive displacement pumps (DMH), precision dosing (DDI) pumps, and large-volume (DME) dosing pumps for adding chemicals.

The Grundfos Product Center helps you ensure that the pump selected matches the liquid to be pumped.

Use the 'Products' tab to find out more about Grundfos systems and soltuions for distillation.



Continuous operation.


High level of customisation ensures the correct pump for complex media.


Ensure integration and control across the pump system and factory system.


Grundfos iSOLUTIONS optimises the way pumps, drives, controls and protection, measurement and communication units work together as one system.


Pump certification required.


All necessary approvals, tests and certifications met.


Requirement for reliability and high uptime.


CIP capable; service products to reduce downtime.


Cavitation risk.


Material variants; low NPSH pumps.


Pumps for bioethanol and biodiesel - Fuel your business with Grundfos

Pumps for bioethanol and biodiesel - ...

As demand for new biofuel installations gains momentum, there is a distinct advantage in bringing Grundfos on board as a total supplier. We can cover your pumping need throughout a biodiesel or bioethanol plant, for continuous operation day in and day out.

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