Water supply


Consumption patterns vary from one industry to the next. Some require frequent use of water in smaller amounts while others need to fill several large tanks in no time – without it affecting the water supply in different parts of the building. The extensive range of Grundfos utility pumps has been carefully developed to ensure constant pressure and even flow at all times in water supply applications. If so required, the water quality is efficiently measured and controlled by means of an advanced measurement and control system.

Depending on your specific application, our reliable pumps can be customised to provide the exact pressure required. On top of single-stage and multistage pumps, high performance booster pumps are available to guarantee constant pressure in critical or demanding applications. Booster systems can be delivered complete with VFDs and controls.

Naturally, all Grundfos pumps for water supply applications carry official drinking water approvals.

Industrial Water Supply


Looking to take full control of the liquid infrastructure?

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Pump Handbook

Pump Handbook

[…] Grundfos has developed the Pump handbook, which in a simple manner deals with various considerations when dimensioning pumps and pump systems. We have elaborated a handbook for engineers and technicians who work with design and installation of pumps and pump systems, ...

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Download the Industrial Water Supply white paper

Download the Industrial Water Supply white paper

To secure the perfect liquid infrastructure, every pump operation needs to run optimally with the highest output and lowest costs. Gain an insight into water supply challenges and how to achieve a fully-integrated system with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS.

Download the Industrial Water Supply white paper here