Our thoroughly tested range of pumps targeted at machining processes is specifically developed to operate with great precision in even the most demanding applications. As a full-line supplier – and the global No. 1 in pumps – we are capable of providing you with solutions for:

  • Machine tool
  • Filtration
  • Cooling
  • Parts washers

All Grundfos pumps can be configured to meet individual needs and we constantly push the boundaries in pump technology to make sure that the Grundfos name continues to be synonymous with top-of-the-line solutions. In addition to an impressive range of high-quality pumps, we offer a wide array of motors, speed controls and monitors that will efficiently optimise your machine tool processes – as well as your energy consumption.

In addition to our extensive global presence, Grundfos has established Machining Industry Competence Centres around the world, offering easy access to application specialists who are dedicated to your specific industrial area. This allows you the benefit of having just one contact person for your entire pump portfolio. This person will have detailed knowledge about your applications and your requirements and will as such be able to work closely with you on development projects. Should you decide to move your production abroad, we “move” with you, offering you expert advice all over the world in the language of your choice.

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The Knowledge Link keeps you up to date with industry news, case stories and events, and gives you access to the design tool, technical library and information about applications and products as well.

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Grundfos offers a variety of pumps optimised for the Machining industry. The pumps are often highly customised and come in a compact design ready to install, delivered configured and tested from our production facility. They are easy to export worldwide due to the wide supply voltage range, international approvals, documentation and service support.


The comprehensive input/output options and application-related functions and features make it easy to integrate system control into the pump in order to save external controls and components. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS makes it possible to change quickly between various operating points for multiple tools, delivering precise pressure and thereby cool and lubricate the tool, ensure longer tool life, remove chips and speed up production.


Precise control can maintain continuous flow across the filter bed or constant level in tank section.


Key elements for OEMs and system builders:

- Extended functionality through specialised functions and plenty of inputs and outputs

- Customised functionality by special setup and configuration, GSC

- Customised pumps ordered on private product numbers and delivered directly from production

- PC tool for extended user interface


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Precision and flexibility where it really matters

Precision and flexibility where it ...

Are you looking for a pump solution that is as reliable as it is efficient? Grundfos’ thoroughly tested range of pumps targeted at the machining industry is built on more than 60 years of experience within the pump business and specifically developed to operate flawlessly ...

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1.7 MB/16 pages - Date: 03/09

Mechanical shaft seals for pumps

Mechanical shaft seals for pumps

For most pumps a decisive element for the quality of the pump during its lifetime is a good and robust shaft seal. Grundfos has many years of experience with the development, …

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The centrifugal pump

The centrifugal pump

[...] Our intention has been to write an introductory book that gives an overview of the hydraulic components in the pump and at the same time enables technicians to see how changes in construction and operation influence the pump performance.

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5.8 MB/128 pages

Pump Handbook

Pump Handbook

[…] Grundfos has developed the Pump handbook, which in a simple manner deals with various considerations when dimensioning pumps and pump systems. We have elaborated a handbook for engineers and technicians who work with design and installation of pumps and pump systems, ...

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17.7 MB/149 pages - Date:11/04


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