Capable of handling temperatures down to -40°C, Grundfos centrifugal pumps are suitable for virtually all applications where cooling is an essential part of the process.

Standard single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps efficiently circulate liquids down to -20°C. Liquid temperatures below that must be handled more carefully to avoid material stress in the pump construction – and in turn eliminate unexpected and costly downtime. For this particular challenge, Grundfos offers robust pumps and special material choices that can handle temperatures all the way down to -40°C.

All coolant pumps can be fitted with a frequency converter, ensuring reliable temperature control in cooling systems. The dedicated range also includes compact pumps ideal for highly reliable cooling of, for example, dialysis equipment as well as large models designed for demanding industrial processes.

Naturally, all pumps for integration into medical equipment can be delivered with the relevant certifications.

The Grundfos range of very reliable cooling pumps also includes virtually maintenance free variants. The Magnetic driven cooling pump, for instance, is used for cooling of wind turbines where reliability and long life is essential.



In delicate processes it is essential to keep a constant temperature.


By applying a Grundfos speed-controlled pump the temperature can be held constant.


The response time to parameter regulations makes changes difficult and unreliable.


Grundfos E-solutions can be supplied with sensors that will take into account secondary influences and long transmission time to give you a precise response.

The viscosity of glycol and brine responds to temperature changes.


Grundfos offers pumps with oversize motors that efficiently cope with higher load.


Cooling liquids may significantly reduce the life of mechanical shaft seals – or even completely ruin them.

Grundfos offers advanced pump solutions fitted with shaft seals developed specially to solve these problems.


Energy consumption is important to your customer.



Grundfos high-efficiency E-solutions significantly reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting pump performance to the actual need. Naturally, the E-solutions meet international efficiency standards.


Stock management can be difficult due to the global differences in voltages and frequencies.


Grundfos E-solutions feature dual frequency and a wide voltage range, allowing you to use the same solution all over the world. Naturally, the E-solutions carry the necessary approvals.


  • In either very high or very low temperatures it is important to carefully consider the type of rubber used in the particular application. The same applies if oil is part of the process as some rubber types may be dissolved by oil.
  • In open systems like cooling towers it is important to consider the risk of contamination.

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