Grundfos BioBooster

Grundfos BioBooster - next generation wastewater solutions

"By 2030, global demand for water is expected to grow by 50%. This will require new approaches to wastewater collection and management. Indeed, reused wastewater may help address challenges like food production and industrial development."
 - European water association

Grundfos BioBooster is developing and delivering solutions for wastewater treatment and water re-use for applications in the food and beverage industry and for treating municipal and hospital wastewater.

BioBooster: next-generation solutions:

  • Bringing wastewater back to life with better effluent quality for water re-use and discharge
  • Less trouble and lower operator demand through lean robust designs and automation
  • Higher quality in design and more flexibility for end users through industrialization and modularization

Mozzarella plant reuses its process wastewater, turning waste into resource

Denmark's Arla Foods uses Grundfos BioBooster onsite to turn nearly a million litres of discarded water from cheese production into drinking water daily. 

Watch the video to see how the mozzarella plant uses Grundfos Biobooster for turning its wastewater into a ressource in the production.