Grundfos BioBooster technology at BIOFOS

Grundfos BioBooster membrane technology

Grundfos BioBooster will demonstrate its membrane technology at BIOFOS, the largest wastewater utility in Denmark.

April 2017

Over the coming years, a project focusing on energy efficiency will be implemented at the Damhusåen treatment plant in
central Copenhagen. Here, BIOFOS – the largest wastewater utility in Denmark – and Grundfos BioBooster will look at ways in which the BioBooster technology can optimise the use of wastewater resources, the ultimate aim being for the Damhusåen treatment plant to generate more energy than it consumes.   

Denmark’s largest water utilities, DANVA and the Market Development Fund have chosen the BioBooster solution among
several large players for the project at the Damhusåen treatment plant, where everybody is now looking forward to getting started.

“The BioBooster technology may prove to be a very important piece in the jigsaw puzzle that is to make us energy-producing. We believe that by leveraging the BioBooster membrane filtration technology, we can achieve a higher concentration of biomass in the
digester tanks from which we extract biogas. The higher the concentration of biomass, the more biogas and the more energy,” explains Dines Thornberg, Head of Development at BIOFOS.

The company has therefore entered into an agreement on the testing and demonstration of a Grundfos BioBooster membrane
filtration unit
. The unit will basically be connected to one of the digester tanks at the Damhusåen treatment plant where it will drain the biomass, thereby almost doubling the biomass concentration. This is expected to provide almost 20 per cent more biogas, while at the same time reducing the volume of excess sludge.   

“We expect our membrane technology to increase the concentration of biomass to a hitherto unseen level. This is possible because our unique membrane technology is in a class of its own when it comes to the energy-efficient filtration of highly concentrated liquids. We
are pleased to be able to test it under real-life conditions as a way of substantiating our expectations,” says Jakob Søholm, Director, Municipal Segment, Grundfos BioBooster.

 The cooperation between BIOFOS and Grundfos BioBooster has great potential, both compared to comparable solutions at the
wastewater utility’s other plants, but also elsewhere in Europe. 

The project started in March, and the solution is expected to be commissioned in Q3 2017.