Onsite treatment of complex hospital wastewater

Hospitals present their own unique problems in regard to wastewater treatment and reuse and are therefore becoming an important target for Grundfos.

Hospital wastewater contains a complex composition of pharmaceuticals, X-ray contrast media and bacteria resistant to antibiotics which present a risk for our environment and for public health in general.

The need to develop and combine treatment technologies into a safe and cost effective treatment method is ever growing.

BioBooster focuses on developing its special MBR technology in combination with advanced treatment technologies like Ozone, Activated Carbon and UV technologies in order to eliminate any environmental or human health risk related to hospital wastewater.

But we will not stop there, we will also ensure that all air borne emissions from the plant are free from pathogens and unwanted odours and that the noise emission level will be so low, that the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) can be placed right next to your hospital.

The water will be much cleaner than from any conventional WWTP and suitable for re-use as technical water as well.

Treatment of hospital wastewater is in its infancy and we look forward to taking part in this journey with interested parties.

Case story


Wastewater treatment at Herlev Hospital, Denmark

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