Metal Industry


Patented dynamic membrane
filtration and separation for industrial process water treatment

Maching industries face the responsibility and economic necessity of reducing water use to safeguard water resources, reducing the volume of wastewater sent to treatment and significantly improving water and chemical reuse.

The Grundfos DynaFilter is an inline process water treatment system based on a patented dynamic membrane filtration technology for oil separation and particle filtration.
Grundfos DynaFilter uses dynamic crossflow membrane filtration, where rotating silicon carbide filter discs deliver a perfect crossflow across all disc surfaces. This separates the water and chemicals from the particles, bacteria and oil and maintains a uniform wash solution quality.

How we use our experience to benefit your industrial process water treatment

  • Reduce costs and improve water and chemical reuse
  • Easy installation and online configuration
  • Continuous filtration process and uniform wash quality
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Compliance security – industry standards DIN ISO 16232 and VDA 19

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What can DynaFilter do for operators, quality and production managers working in metal industries?

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