Metal Industry

Metal Industry

In metal industries there is a need to clean metals parts from emulsified oils, lubricants and other impurities by passing them through metal elements washing machines. By using a Grundfos DynaFilter’s advanced membrane filtration technology to continuously treat the wash water, metal productions can achieve uniform washing quality while saving water, chemicals and energy because they avoid having to dump wash water often, raise temperature and add more soap.

Uniform wash process prevents quality issues. When consistency is key, the DynaFilter achieves uniform washing quality as it continuously treats water from the parts washer. You canfine-tune the DynaFilter for each application, ensuring you get the right results every time.

Reduced operating costs. As an in-line process that treats and reuses water and chemicals, theDynaFilter eliminates the need for batch tanks. You can expect reduced maintenance and cleaning costs as it reduces water dump frequency by up to 90%.


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