Environmental protection through local treatment of municipal wastewater

Instead of just pumping waste-water away to a central wastewater works, we think that in many cases it makes sense to clean the wastewater locally. This can be done with the Grundfos BioBooster packaged plant for areas with up to 5000 inhabitants.

Tests have proven that BioBooster cleans the water of bacteria 1000 times better than conventional plants.

This means that the water is more sustainable; we gain high environmental protection as cleaner water is discharged to the environment and the water can also be reused for example, to irrigate local parks.

In many cases, this also means no extra digging or renovation of existing wastewater works.

This saves not only money but also eliminates the possibility of overflowing drains in the event of flooding. The water is kept in the local area, ready for reuse and at the same time valuable nutrients (such as phosphorus) are retained and then given back to the local land. The water can be cleaned better locally, as each decentralised station can be adapted for each specific type of wastewater unique to that local area.

Local wastewater cleaning is also a viable economic alternative – BioBooster is bought “off the shelf” in modules, so you only buy what you need and can add and subtract as your needs change. Also, BioBooster is a prefabricated packaged solution, therefore much less civil works is needed. With BioBooster wastewater is not a problem but rather a solution!

Case story


Grundfos BioBooster cleans up in Norwegian municipality.

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