Sustainable water

Cleaner water - greener environment

We bring waste water back to life by treating the waste water to such purity levels that it can be reused. Whether for technical purposes or in recreational areas, water reuse is a sustainable method of protecting the local aquatic environment. There are additional advantages of water reuse. E-coli bacteria are removed from the waste water making it safe for irrigation. Nutrients, however, are not removed from the treated waste water and therefore contribute to the growth of the various crops. This can further reduce future costs for fertilisation.


The global water crisis i now a growing concern. Water pollution and scarcity pose a real threat – for us and future generations

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Decentralised wastewater treatment and water reuse

Decentralised wastewater treatment and water reuse

Decentralised water water treatment. The solution to the global water crisis lies in cleaning wastewater - at its source! To treat and cleanse the water locally, we must rely on satellite treatment plants. Replacing the need for heavy up-front infrastructure investments in piping and pumping stations, Grundfos BioBooster’s decentralised treatment plant can be placed in remote areas located far away from centralised municipal wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater is treated at the point source of pollution, thus contributing to a sustainable environment.


ease of installation

Ease of installation

From contract to commissioning in just 7 months

Robust in operation

Robust in operation

  • Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) ensures excellent effluent quality by removal of all particular materials and bacteria
  • Ceramic membrane with superior longevity and robustness for in case of fouling
  • Advanced control utilising newest on-line sensors allowing for very low manning demand despite the advanced treatment technologies used in the solution
  • SCADA enabled for unmanned operation and for remote service by Grundfos BioBooster specialists, if needed.

Mozzarella plant reuses its process wastewater, turning waste into resource

Denmark's Arla Foods uses Grundfos BioBooster onsite to turn nearly a million litres of discarded water from cheese production into drinking water daily. 

Watch the video to see how the mozzarella plant uses Grundfos Biobooster for turning its wastewater into a ressource in the production.