Agricultural irrigation


For the modern farmer, Grundfos can supply pumps that meet the low pressure and even flow requirements for uniform and efficient irrigation. Our pumping expertise and technology ensures uniform coverage despite changeable conditions with pump efficiency optimised to reduce energy costs for running irrigation pumps, one of the highest single expenses in agriculture.

Pumps supplied for pressurised irrigation systems are perfect for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. Variable speed pumps and easily integrated controllers automatically react to changing conditions and demands to keep running costs down.

Pumping solutions include robust and efficient SP submersible multistage pumps for bore water abstraction, powerful HS/HSE single or two-stage horizontal split-case pumps and NK/NKE single-stage end-suction pumps at the surface water intake and Vertical Turbine Pumps at the intake basin. The Grundfos Hydro MPC booster system brings together the CR pump – the most reliable and efficient centrifugal multistage pump available on the market – with the ability to control many pumps operating in parallel with great accuracy.

Grundfos has produced the "Irrigation Pump Handbook", a comprehensive presentation of modern irrigation today and what has gone before. This handbook explains why an irrigation system is complex and makes that complexity understandable; to help the owner and the installer make the right decisions when choosing a solution, from system layouts to our correct pump selection for irrigation systems. Contact Grundfos for more information.


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Irrigation pump handbook

Irrigation pump handbook

This Irrigation Pump Handbook is a comprehensive presentation of modern irrigation. The aim is not to provide a ‘how-to’ guide to building an irrigation system; rather it is to explain why an irrigation system is complex, and to make that complexity understandable.

More crop per drop with variable speed pumps

More crop per drop with variable speed ...

Our commitment to agriculture is unmatched. Grundfos offers the industry’s broadest line of irrigation pumping systems. Our passion for perfection drives us toward designing the most intelligent solutions for today’s growing challenges.


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At California organic vineyard, pump is key part of sustainability

Despite the otherwise brilliant growing conditions for grapes, Ampelos Vineyard in California's Santa Rita Hills does not get much rain. Therefore, Ampelos' irrigates its 46,000 vines from an aquifer 50 metres underground. 

Watch the film to see how reliability and sustainability is a vital part of the irrigation solution.