Fertigation and chemigation


Fertigation and chemigation reduces the time and labour spent on applying fertilisers and chemicals and also reduces water runoff with less impact on the environment. Grundfos supplies dosing pumps and solutions that match irrigation systems and components, ensuring an increase in the efficiency and uniformity of the application of the fertilisers and chemicals.

Of the many pump types that can be used for fertigation and chemigation applications, motor driven dosing pumps – and even better yet digital dosing pumps – provide extremely high precision.

Grundfos SMART Digital (DDA, DDC and DDE) diaphragm dosing pumps offer modularity, simplicity and flow intelligence and contribute to keeping life cycle costs low, allowing fertilisers and chemicals to enter the irrigation water pipe line uniformly and well mixed. Digital dosing solutions have proven their ability to balance the needs of high yields for the farmer with sustainable farming practices.

Grundfos has prepared the "Irrigation Pump Handbook", a comprehensive presentation of pumps for irrigation, where you can see an example of how to size a fertigation pump. Contact Grundfos for more information.


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Irrigation pump handbook

Irrigation pump handbook

This Irrigation Pump Handbook is a comprehensive presentation of modern irrigation. The aim is not to provide a ‘how-to’ guide to building an irrigation system; rather it is to explain why an irrigation system is complex, and to make that complexity understandable.


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